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2080: The world is dying. Fertile land has shrunk due to climate change, followed by drought and famine. Massive waves of refugees seeks sanctuary, but Fortress America has shut her doors. The best scientists in the world are building Space Arks to shuttle hundreds of thousands of people to safety on an alien colony. Meanwhile bioterrorists have unleashed a deadly bio-engineered disease that sweeps across the globe. And the lies begin: world leaders insist a vaccine is ready. But the truth is very different, in The Flight of the Mayflower, Dr. Daniel Radu, project manager for the Space Ark Mayflower, uncovers a conspiracy of global proportions. Joined by a team of global experts, will Daniel and his colleagues succeed in thwarting the devious plot in a desperate attempt at survival?

Mayhem follows the Mayflower! Journey along with the crew of the Space Ark Mayflower as they adapt to their new home on the distant planet Deneb. As they struggle to integrate into an alien culture, the human-transmitted Chimera bactovirus spreads across the planet, triggering a ferocious war while fanning the flames of racial intolerance.

With a bloody conflict raging throughout Deneb, the crew of the Mayflower becomes split between the two warring factions and embroiled in the chaos and destruction. Descend with the crew of the Space Ark Mayflower into darkness and devastation, where the only survivors of a global war will be those on the right side of the border.


Two worlds. One crew divided. Will the survivors of the Space Ark Mayflower find their way when cultures clash and the fires of fury threaten to consume their lives?

The adventure continues in FIRES OF FURY. 

Now masquerading as citizens of the Collective, the crew has a new reason to fear. With the end of the Second Denebian War, Wesselan’s General Pallav Kóbor and his astrophysicist wife, Dr. Tara Kóbor, have high hopes that life will return to normal on Deneb7. Yet nothing can be further from the truth. In a diabolical plot to erase the scars left by the Second Denebian War, warlord turned Wessel Head of State Gomalan unleashes a fiendish scheme to heal his nation’s wounds, while his top soldier, General Ravenna, falls under the spell of a seductive Fyjer agent intent on crushing their ambitions. Dragged into a brutal reality of terror and intrigue, can the Kóbors and warbird ace Fynn Vogel remain unscathed, or will the flames consume them and all that is evil on Deneb-7?
Fires of Fury by Zanne Raby is the third installment in The Chronicle of Deneb series released in November 2022.